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January 6, 2011


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I wonder if you could eat mole... Cat's the answer to get rid of them. Happy New Year, Laura!


Haha, I'm sure you could...if hungry enough! We did find a dead mole in the garden a few months ago, and I wondered if it was the work of the dogs or the neighborhood cats that come round. The dogs obviously like to chase the cats off, but I've also been letting the cats stay in the yard to give them a shot at the mole too!
And happy new year to you as well!


There was something on the tv the other night about moles and the increasing number of molehills.I think it was because it was the mating season and so they're going mad digging extra tunnels. Sorry, I wasn't listening properly really, but you get the idea.


Uh oh, that makes a lot of sense...but the last thing we need is them reproducing out there!

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