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November 30, 2010


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Hope spring comes early too. Next week would be good...


Haha, we can only hope! Although to be honest the snow is a welcome change from the cold rain and mud!


They say around here that if there's a hunt in progress, you should wear a brightly-coloured jacket. Then they can shoot you more accurately.

I have it on good authority that this another El Nina season ahead. Which means mega-freeze.

Full of good cheer aren't I! Did Liverpool win on Sunday??


Lol, so that's why...there's definitely no missing me in that jacket. Great on the piste, but slightly embarrassing when I took to wearing it around town during the very snowy last winter. And I guess I will be similarly shockingly unfashionable this winter then! I got to rather enjoy it last winter as it is fine with proper kit, but then again I don't have to drive in it!

And no, Liverpool were felled by an injury time goal from Lennon after failing to go more than 1-0 up before the half despite several good chances, then an own goal equalizer ...but I expect you already knew that, so thanks for rubbing it in. I have to say though despite the loss, and some dodgy refereeing, (and Carragher injury, out for a month), it was actually the most enjoyable game to watch from Liverpool in quite a while.


Your yard looks so beautiful in the snow! It is like a winter wonderland in the forest. It's too bad about the hunting. I loved the picture of Kali in the snow!!!


I made sure I got a dog picture in there especially for you :) A snowy yard and that lamp post always makes me half expect to have Tumnus wandering by, or the White Witch riding up on her sleigh!


Oh my gosh! That is EXACTLY what it looks like!


We are getting snow today too...brr. I found it interesting how signs are posted to warn that people are hunting...I have never seen anything like that before. Stay warm.


I guess it is because the forests are relatively small areas, as opposed to the wide open spaces in the US where you're not as likely to run into anyone, and if you are out and about you've probably been educated about safety in hunting season. It'd be more like having people hunting in Central Park! Plus the French just love bureaucracy and signs anyway... One of my favorite is when they put signs along the main roads saying "Potholes in formation": in the time and paperwork it took to put those signs up they probably could've just fixed the darn things!


Nices photos !

Snow is a lovelly thing, hope the snow will stay more tahn 2 days :p


Thanks! It snowed again last night, and maybe more on Saturday! I heard Lyon was supposed to get some snow too?


Beautiful photos of the snow.. spring is just around the corner for you.. for us we never have cold winters.. we only dream of snow but we are able to grow all year round.


Hi Jeanene, yes, despite the below freezing temperature this morning, there are signs that spring is on the way! It is definitely a trade-off. I would love to be able to grow year-round, but I do really enjoy having all four seasons!

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