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November 11, 2010


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I can't wait to try making this! I've always wanted to try my own tortillas.


They are sooo good! Let me know when you try!


This sounds like a perfect meal and I love that it is all made from scratch and includes Swiss chard in the mix.


Swiss chard has become one of my favorite vegetables! Even though as little as two years ago I'd never heard of it... We've nearly eaten it all up though, sadly - only a few little baby leaves left on the plants and then we'll have to wait till next year!

Laura F

J'essayerai ta recette de tortilla, les miennes étaient un peu trop bourratives ;)



Super, dis-moi ce que t'en penses quand tu l'essaies! Je pense qu'ils étaient assez authentiques, mais la substitution de la Maizena pour la moitié de la farine leur apporte un peu de légerté!

Garden Forum

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