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October 21, 2010


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We seem to be very much in step with out garden season and cultivations-and it has just started turning frosty here too, although not damagingly so.
I still have trouble with the winter planning too and it is as well I don't need to be self sufficient . I think it is more difficult because of the much lengthier delay between sowing and harvesting, so there seems to be less connection between the two than in the summer.I also dislike many winter sown vegetables-you have have too many brassicas! I am just thankful I didn't live in past centuries. I feel sure I would have starved :-)


Hi Judith, It definitely gives me renewed respect for our ancestors! I fear, however, that it may once again become a pressing concern in this century, with the wane of fossil fuel availability, as our modern food systems are so dependent on fossil fuel inputs for both production and transport. With the strikes here, we are experiencing what a shortage of fuel is like on the transport side, and if it continues, the supermarket shelves will grow empty...and then what? I tend to believe that saying (not sure of the origin) that "Society is only three missed meals away from anarchy/revolution" even though it is rather hyperbolic (it would probably be a few more than that I would think!).


Now to wait for Spring. Gardens and baseball--they are the epitome of hope.


Hahaha... funny how sports are so connected to our experience of the seasons. This fall weather has me missing college football and homecoming parades, etc.


I wish I was winter planting instead of spending winter in the UK! I have brought enough summer vegetables back from France to last us most of winter though! Diane


Wow, that's impressive! Do you travel back and forth by car then? I originally had a great mental image of checking suitcases full of carrots and the like at the airport! :)

Jordan Grant

In Columbia, we are still waiting for our first frost and homecoming is this weekend. What an appropriate time to be yearning for such things! I stumbled across your blog via Facebook. As a budding gardener myself, I can sympathize with having a dwindling summer garden. My grandiose plans for a sprawling vegetable haven manifested as a small weed infested plot, but I'm armed with experience for next year. My few tomato plants only yielded about a dozen ripe fruit, with about a dozen more green tomatoes waiting for that first frost. However, I saw your recipe for Tomato Chutney and look forward to finding a use for those little disappointments!


Hi Jordan, what a nice surprise to hear from you! And to hear you've also caught the vegetable-growing fever :) It seems to be the way of it that the garden never quite lives up to the imagination, but I guess the bigger you dream, even if you only manage 10% of that, the better the result! Our only consolation I suppose is that each year we'll get better. So are you going to the homecoming game? If so, cheer extra loud for me!


I also noted the date of the frost in a notebook I am trying to keep about the seasons out here. Just as a reference for future years. I am trying to remember (as I didn't note since I was fresh out of the hospital after having a baby!), when the first frost was last year. I think, that this year we are a little early, but it could be neat to start seeing patterns year after year! Maybe I need to ask for a thermometer for christmas to keep better track!



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