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September 14, 2010


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I had no idea you could make almond milk. What fun! The ice cream looks really easy to make--and you aren't going to find plum almond ice-cream in the supermarket. How creative!


Thanks! Yeah, I was totally surprised how simple it was. The almond milk on its own was great over muesli. And it was great to be able to make ice cream without all a big crazy machine and rock salt or whatnot! Her original recipe on that site sounds really good, too, with peanut butter and dates in it.
I guess now I just need to find out where to buy almonds in bulk! :)


Interesting recipe. I have masses of frozen cherries, I see no reason why that won't work as well. All my plums went into plum jam and plum sauce and are now finished on the tree. Diane

Plum dish

Wow very exciting pictures. Vegan Plum Ice Cream is simply superb and me gonna give a try. That's definitely a great job. Sounds good and thanks for sharing.


Hi Diane, I have frozen cherries, too, and was thinking the exact same thing! And they'd be frozen already rather than warm to begin with (that was a little bit of a problem stewing the plums). I bet it'd be great with some fresh vanilla bean... Let me know if you give it a try!

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