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June 15, 2010


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That is such a disappointment, and as you said, serves to remind us that really the weather is in charge and we only have an insignificant place in the scheme of things. I lost all my white currants to pigeons before I had the nets in place. That will teach me for next year.But it is difficult to put into words the emotional loss you feel. Poor you.
I shall try your cherry pie recipe-it looks wonderful, and drink to the success of the trees next year.


Thanks for the consoling words Judith - it does make me feel better! And sorry to hear of your losses as well. Every year is a learning experience I suppose. Next year if there is rain, expect to find me out in it with a bucket, lashed to the ladder in the face of the gale!


That is the SADDEST tale! I can't believe you lost SO MUCH of the fruit--it is enough to cry over. The picture of the dogs sleeping with your sock helped.


I know, it is just heartbreaking :( Then I realized it might be just as depressing to read about! So I'm glad the dog photo helped ease the pain.


Oh no! My cherries seem to be ok so far... I have only one tree where they were close to ripe, but it is my tree that gives the least. My big big tree seems ok so far, so if you want you can come over and pick some sometime... Maybe you can take the train to Coulommiers one morning and I can drop you off after lunch?


Aw thanks, that would be really awesome. I was wondering how yours were doing! They seemed to be ripe much earlier this year and I was wondering if it was just us for some strange reason!


We've had a smaller crop this year due to the cool weather during flowering, but luckily what we've got is healthy. And today one a walk with our puppy we picked at least a kilo of tiny, almost black wile cherries. Sweet as anything. Might try your pie recipe with them.


Oh wow, that sounds amazing! My neighbor has an ungrafted cherry tree that produces small, 'wild' cherries, but they are quite tangy - I assumed all wild cherries would be like that, and not sweet!


A couple of weeks ago we spent a morning helping friends pick some of their cherries, and since then they've been panicking about getting all the rest harvested before the rain as they said the fruit would split. I think they managed to get most of the crop, but what a shame about yours. I guess that's a lesson learned:-(


Yeah, it didn't even cross my mind when it was supposed to be raining and did indeed pour down that it might spoil the cherries. They weren't quite ripe enough to harvest just before, but now I know if that happens next year I will pick at least some even if they aren't fully ripe yet. That was nice of you to help your friends pick theirs - it is definitely easier when you have helping hands!


We have six beautiful big (one has been guesstimated to be over 200yrs old!) cherry trees on our property. The first year we 'lived' here we missed the cherries AND the flocks of birds cleaned every last cherry of the one tree that did ripen. Then last year a frost killed all the blossoms so not one single cherry to be had. Now this sad, sad year. First we had blossom explosion...then my giddy joy to see the small pits grow into fat yellow cherries. I was literally salivating at eating all those delicious cherries...until the bastard sun never came out & the cold never went away and now your pics (minus the majority of red) look like the sad state of affairs chez nous! Let us all cherry commiserate :)


Hi Laila, argh, so sorry to hear you've had such bad luck with the cherries too. (Wow, 200 year old cherry trees!) It is so frustrating, and there actually are so many things that can go wrong - another friend told me of having beautiful cherries and picking tons, only to find every single last one was full of worms. :( So I guess we just got extremely lucky the first year and now have unreasonable expectations/hopes!

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