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May 14, 2010


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How interesting about the Wine names! France has the best wine. I wish I could have a glass with you and sit outside waiting for the hedgehog!


Me too! That was such a nice week! Not sure what is going to happen with the hedgehog this summer - we have yet to see/hear him snuffling about. But even if the dogs don't put him off, the fact that we took out the daylilies might...no longer a moist bushy habitat for snail and slug snacks!

Jordan 1

Moderate drinking good for you! Alcohol on the body is hurt more than big! We should take good care of your body! Thank you for your suggestions! You're a good person


Don't worry, only in moderation, I promise. And we are actually off the alcohol altogether at the minute as part of a 'detox' month. Thanks for your concern...

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