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May 1, 2010


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Hello Ashley,

This all sounds very impressive. I wish I'd bought in some plants now because my stubborn adherence to sowing everything has gotten me tiny aubergine plants.

Hope your pc gets well soon. Mine sits under the table making noises like a hair dryer, so I'm probably going to be cast out of the virtual world at any minute... thereby losing another tier of family photos : (


Thanks, I took it into the Apple store today, and I get a free fix! They say they won't touch the hard drive so if all goes well my pictures will be saved too!

I am documenting what is going on in photos so be preparend for a whammy of a catch-up post...

*oh, and back up those photos! Nothing makes me more sad then losing family photos! I was ready to scrap the computezr if need be just to get the photos out!


I'm looking forward to the garden photos.

I have an external hard drive with lots of photos backed up onto it - including the ones from my last computer that died. Unfortunately, my new computer (which seems to run on wheel & pulley system) can't access it.

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