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May 2, 2010


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Were your tomatoes grown from seed Laura? Mine have really struggled, along with the aubergines and peppers, due to the cold weather (before April) and poor seed compost. Have you found a decent one?

Just to be clear, there's now way I could be depriving us of this year's strawberries if it wasn't for next year's challenge!


Yes, I sowed them on March 1st, and then potted them on a couple of weeks ago. My aubergines and peppers are still a bit puny (wondering if I should've potted them on as well). I've sown two aubergines with a tomato right next to it to try to attach the aubergine seedling to the tomato roots as I saw on a gardening program once - we'll see if it works!

We did the seedlings in a sort of sun room area of the house that is half glass ceiling and that we noticed last year (when we first moved in with everything in pots) worked wonderfully as a greenhouse. They were right next to a large radiator during the cold weeks when they were first growing, so I think they were warm enough.

We got our organic seed compost from Botanic (their store-name brand variety), and it seemed really good. It is sort of a trendy store, though - lots of neat stuff, but it can be a little on the pricey side (although for organic if you stick to the basics like the seeds and soil, etc, it's not that bad). They have a club card that gives you a lot of promos, and we got a good deal on all the organic herbs there. Just looked at their website though and all the stores seem to be in the eastern half of France for some reason, so none near you...no luck.


This is the wild west - we don't do trendy...


Lol, yeah, it feels a bit pretentious in there, like it is for people who want to be seen gardening and eating organic but not actually get dirty (and who wear wellies that match their outfit or something), but mainly sit around expensive patio furniture supping expensive wines. But it does have a large range of organic stuff that we haven't been able to find elsewhere...

Micah - Coffee machine

Your garden looks fantastic. Been trying this myself but I think I don't have the green thumb. Keep it up.


Hi Micah, thanks so much! It may very well be a case of beginner's luck (and good soil) - we'll see :) What have you been trying to grow?


Hi Laura,

Its looking really nice and tidy and I'm glad to see the potatoes are growing :)

Did you add anything to the soil?



Thanks Ben! We'll see whether they actually produce potatoes or not! :)
The soil seemed quite good for this year since it has just been resting under a thin layer of rather weedy grass. I've got compost going and there is a riding school on the other side of the village that we can get manure from for free, so the plan is to add both for next year.
It is amazing actually, the savoy cabbage that we planted at the same time as our neighbor are twice as big as his! (He adds manure every year, but has been growing vegetables in the same plot for over 30 years, so I guess it is taking its toll on the soil condition.)

Vishal-Coffee Machine

Hey really nice to see how potatoes are growing. Your hard work and dedication is really great..!!


Thank you for the compliment!

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