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April 20, 2010


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Thanks for the puppy pictures. Looks like they are enjoying the warmth of April. Maya looks very comfortable and has become one with the chair.


They have been so funny lying around in the sun. You really have to watch them though - if you get up for a second they will steal your seat! It cracked me up that Maya even had her head snuggled in on the armrest! :)


Hi Laura,

Looking at your drainage holes reminds me that the ones I drilled where much smaller. But water did run freely out of them after watering.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a good crop.



Thanks Ben! I wasn't too sure how big to make them really - the green bin is actually a very large flower pot that already had holes in the bottom, and I tried to make mine the same size.
I've been reading up, and apparently a problem with bins can be the water actually soaking through properly to the bottom all the way. One person suggested putting a tube down the middle with holes in it to distribute the water better - I might try that.


I LOVE those dogs!


Haha, I wish we could bring them with us this summer! You guys will have to come visit so you can meet them!


Wow! First I must just say that I LOVE your puppies, they are so cute ;] And, secondly, I am a tidbit jealous of your beautiful surroundings. Great blog, I look forward to reading more!


Thanks so much! Likewise on your puppy and blog! Your cutie looks like she would be a good match energy-wise to play with our pups :) Great photos...


Hi Laura, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Maya and Kali are so adorable, I also look forward to reading more. Your photos are wonderful!


Hi Alisa, thank you so much. I'm really happy to hear you are enjoying it! I'm looking forward to reading yours as well!

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