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April 8, 2010


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Wow, Mary! I am totally impressed with your knitting! That Fair Isle stuff looks difficult!!!

I like your list Laura. It seems like a long term list though, I can't imagine accomplishing all of that in just one year! Maybe I will try to do one of the same. That way I can keep my goals in mind and stay focused!

Elissa Goldberg

I came across this and thought you two might be interested. I usually use old shirts for rags, and I'm not sure how strong the bags would be, but it might be worth a try.



That's so neat, thanks for sharing! That is a great blog. I hadn't really thought about sewing, but actually that should be on my checklist. Hm, wonder if I could pick up a used machine at one of the brocantes...


Thanks, Ashley, for the compliment. I was so pleased with how the hat and mittens turned out. The mittens were a real challenge. I have learned so much from my knitting group, Ruffled Feathers. We meet at the Barnes and Noble Cafe and all the experienced knitters help all the new knitters. It is a wonderful group of generous women.

Jordan Sneakers

Thanks for taking the time to share this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I look forward to more.


Hi and welcome to the blog! Thanks for your comment. It has been so rewarding doing the blog, discovering just how many other people out there are having the same thoughts and feelings. And we can all learn from and support each other in trying to take even small steps toward more self-sufficiency. Please feel free to share your own experiences or thoughts!


Hello Laura,

I've just come across your blog from a google search... I'm setting up a small holding and planning to be as self sufficient as possible and I'm so delighted to come across others doing the same thing, especially those who know more than I do!!!!

Thank you for the wonderful information.

Emma :-)


Hi Emma, how exciting you are setting up a smallholding! I am very much a beginner still myself, and we are getting ready to take the next step - moving to a property with a bit of land, fruit trees, chickens soon and maybe that goat! There seem to be growing numbers of us taking to the countryside, so we must be onto something :) and there are plenty of people blogging about it to learn from too! Be sure to check out the links page for some of the other self-sufficient blog friends I've made... Best, Laura

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