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April 30, 2010


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You're actively discouraging me from looking at your blog with all this delicious food and that. I always have to go off and eat something or start drooling on my keyboard. Not good.


Lol, sorry bout that! ;) I guess the only answer is to only look at it on a full stomach, though if it happens to be a dessert post that would still be dangerous...


Your recipe looked so wonderful that I had to have fajitas tonight!! We just love that seasoning.


At some point in my half-way through life I supose I shall have to try mexican, but I don't like things that are tooooo spicy. But your photos certainly make it look good!


What is it that is so compelling about fajitas? :) Hope they were tasty!

Hi Jan, despite the repeated coatings with a spice mix containing a fair proportion of chili flakes, these actually aren't all that spicy. The spice is part of the Mexican-ness of it I suppose, but you could always just use your own fragrant-but-not-spicy mix with just black pepper, ground coriander and a bit of ground cumin. Let me know if you decide to give it a try!

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