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March 22, 2010


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How exciting! The plants look so healthy and happy and ready to go!


Hi Laura,

First of all, I love the blog, great stuff!
I planted some seedlings in an egg carton this evening and have a few questions:

How often should I water them, enough to keep the soil just a bit damp?
Is it important to keep them warm, i.e. not by an open window? If so, I could put them on a small table by another window.
How long before I see them pop through the soil?

Sorry for the questions but I'm a real newbie.


Hey Kevin,
No worries, ask away!
- For watering you have it right, there is no specific 'every two days' or anything, just to keep the soil damp but not sodden.
- Warmth is important for germination, too. Some people even have little heat blankets they put under their seedling trays, but as long as it isn't absolutely freezing in your place they should still come up ok.
- It is best to keep them out of a draft though once they do come up. That is a difficult one as you want them close to the window to get as much light as possible!
- Germination times vary for each plant and according to the conditions. Interestingly, my tomato plants in the small pots came up earlier than they were supposed to, and earlier than the ones I planted in the egg carton. Your first ones could come up as soon as a week, but it will more likely be around two.
Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions if you need to...

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