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March 9, 2011


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I think Big Sky Country Challenge is a good name.


That's a good suggestion, thanks!
Anyone else with suggestions feel free to share!


Ah, should have looked here before asking all those questions. Answered provided here. Well best of luck with the new project. If ever you head over to see Mr. H give him my best.


Congratulations. Sounds like a fantastic opportunity :)


Will do Heiko! And thanks Ben!


Shocked! And sad, but very happy that you're getting the acres you deserve. Very timely decision. Well done!


Thanks! We are very glad to be getting some more land and land that is properly ours (soon to re-become the most prized commodity!). Montana also has a lot of proper wilderness that will provide another very useful string to the self-sufficiency bow. We're looking forward to learning to trout fish, forage and even hunt deer/elk, if I can ever bring myself to shoot one.
But it doesn't look like we will be getting the chance to visit before we leave :( We will be back to the UK to see Henry's family though, so hopefully we will be able to manage a little trip across the channel at some point!


Welcome here any time, Laura. And, I'm told, Emma has always wanted to visit Montana!


Likewise! We're also just over the pass from Yellowstone. I'm sure the kids (and adults for that matter) would love to see all the wildlife :)


Wow.....Big News indeed. What a fantastic step in your adventures. I wish you every possible success with your very own land.

Keep in touch via your Blog, we want to be with you every step of the way.

I would wish you luck, but hardworkers like you don't need it wishing... you make your own.

Congratulations and I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Sue xx


Thanks so much Sue! I'll be sure to stay in touch :)


Forgive me, I just saw this post of yours...how exciting, I can't wait to hear how you are doing in Montana. My wife was born there and we have often talked about moving there ourselves...good for you.:) Welcome back to the good old US of A.


Thanks Mike :) We are definitely loving it here. We got a late and small start to the garden, but managed to grow some great veggies nonetheless.
I'm working on getting a new blog started (though I'm still stuck on the name!). If you're traveling through Montana be sure to stop in and visit! And/or hopefully we'll be coming through your area sometime soon!

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