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October 12, 2010


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You need to start a Freecycle group! Or at the very least, introduce your town to Craigslist.


Yeah, I'm not sure I could get most of these elderly villagers on board though! If I had a van and a big shed I would just pick up anything that looked good then post it online for people to come pick up for free!


Here people put bulky things out any time of the week or month which is then left out until someone picks it up or, if it sits there long enough will finally be collected by an official truck. There are people making a business out of driving little 3-wheeler Ape pick-ups from dump to dump picking up anything useful. You have to be quick to get the good things. So far this year we found: a bicycle with a bend front wheel, but otherwise practically new, an espresso maker, new, an electric kitchen mixer, old but working, a pasta machine, serveral window frames and bits of timber, numerous tyres for our Earthship... the list goes on.


Wow, that is amazing! I've seen some electric items, but I just assumed they weren't working anymore, but maybe I'll give them a try! My main problem is I don't have a car most of the time though, so it is limited to what I can carry. Maybe I should look into getting a little trailer to hitch to my bike!


I leave for a few days and look what happens! I mean, moonboots, really!!!!


Lol, sorry love. But I have been after a pair of moonboots, well, assuming we can ever afford to go skiing again...


Good for you! It's amazing what some people will throw away. I could use those garden stakes.:)


Thanks :) I suppose it is one benefit to being in a rural yet populated setting... I'm guessing you don't have the opportunity out your way!


My neighbor put out this really cool huge iron hoop that I wanted to grab last week, but someone else got to it first! Darn!

I think I kind of like the same thing at the brocante, people get rid of really good stuff for next to nothing...


Yeah I was thinking a lot of the stuff could easily have been sold at a brocante, but I guess people don't want to bother with sitting there at a booth all day. It is a shame though to see it just go to the landfill.


That's quite a haul, just like Christmas! Here there are no dustmen (garbagemen to you) ande everyone takes all their rubbish to the appropriate recycling bin, and big items to the tip. I got a heavy external window blind from there this summer, and it was great to be able to keep the afternoon sun out of the house properly!


Oh that's great! It is so exciting to get stuff free (it did feel like Christmas!); I can see how people would get sort of addicted to finding things at the tip/dump!

Randy Vanveer

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