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October 19, 2010


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Great photo! Don't you worry about cars for Bandit though? I'm hoping to eventually be able to walk the girls off-leash like that, maybe they just need to be a little older yet. For now, off leash means sprint as fast as you can in all directions (though they do always come back)!


He is really good at coming when I call. I let him run ahead a good 20-30 yards, and call him back. He is used to being off leash though, he hardly ever walks on one. My Dad got him really well trained when he goes to work with him during our summer vacations. And he is used to listening to me, must have been all that taking him literally everywhere when he was a pup...!


The only advice I can give about weeds is to get every single bit of root out when you dig, and do NOT rotivate as it just chops up all the roots and then you get one hundred times the weeds! Good luck, it'll be hard work.


Jan, Laura has been talking to me about the 'no dig' method, and I am thinking that might be what we go with, since there are SO MANY weeds... We aren't decided yet though, waiting for this whole gas situation to clear up so we can fire up the power tools and get ready for winter!

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