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August 16, 2010


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My tomatoes are also in need of sunshine. The cherry tomatoes are fine but the bigger ones are just not ripening. Diane


I'm worried they think it is fall already and aren't going to get any more ripe than they are, leaving us stuck with a whole lot of green tomatoes! In which case I guess I will just make a lot of chutney :)


I believe it's a law of nature that you can never plant enough tomatoes. I got side tracked with too many different varieties and some of them are sooo good, for example the black cherries and the orange busztyn, they are simply eaten straight off the plant, before they even make it to anywhere near a table!


I think that is very true! :)
We are so excited to try something different in the Black Russian, and I think next year we might have a bit of a strange variety seed-buying frenzy to grow all different kinds!


Those are the most perfect cherry tomatoes I've ever seen! Both tomato pictures are beautiful. It makes me so hungry for a REALLY GOOD tomato!!


Thanks! :) I hope you guys get some tomatoes in the CSA box!


Even in California, where my parents usually grow TONS of tomatoes, the crop is having a really bad year. My Mom is so happy she canned all she did last year, because she is going to have to use that throughout this year... Another thought though, you could also buy tomatoes and can them. Even though they aren't your tomatoes, it is better then the store-bought sauce. Plus I might know a grandpa gardner that can sell you some from his greenhouse...


Oh that is a really good idea - I hadn't thought of that!


Isn't it great getting tomatoes to eat straight from the vine? They look wonderful. Mine are still mostly green-I have sited the plants badly this year.


One of my greatest pleasures in life! Most of mine are still green as well actually. I think I planted them a little bit too close together, and the plum tree is shading them more than I thought it would in the summer. My bell pepper plants are suffering the same :(

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Love the jewel ton of the tomatoes, like you I have a real fetish for them, especially this time of year, love that my neighbors always share the wealth. I think we eat them every day pretty much this time of year.


You're lucky you have such nice neighbors! Glad to hear I'm not the only one obsessing over tomatoes :)


I think I might have some spare seeds I could send you. Let us know.


Really? That would be amazing, thank you so much!

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