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July 2, 2010


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It is so interesting that Kali who seemed to be the leader as a puppy lets Maya be the one to go first when stalking the bird. I thought Maya was the more sedate of the two--but she is the one who got out there and tried to get close. What a great video!!!


Yeah I panned over to Kali 'cause she usually joins in and starts creeping up, too, but she just stayed still on point. They both have really strong hunting instincts and keep managing to catch bees and butterflies (unfortunately :( ). I think in this case it was maybe just because Maya was closer to the bird!


What was the other dog doing? Pretending to be a statue?


Lol, um, yeah, we're going to paint her silver and put her out on the street corner in Paris to try to earn some extra cash. :)
It is strange, normally they both freeze when there is a bird or butterfly, then both start creeping up on it, so I'm not sure why Kali decided to just not move a muscle this time!


Bandit would have totally chased after the bird. Haha. But, I did have a mutt (a cocker/lhasa apso mix), my first dog my parents let me have when I was about 6, and she totally caught a bird once in her mouth. And I think it scared her really bad, because she spit it out pretty quick and just ended up with a mouth full of feathers.... :)


Yeah, Maya did catch a swallow that flew in the house once, but I think it surprised her and she didn't really know what to do with it. Plus I launched myself across the room at her shrieking "DROP, DROP IT!" which must've added to the confusion. She did drop it though and it flew out the back door seemingly unharmed!

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