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June 25, 2010


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Glad you like it! Her "photo session" was fairly short; but I think that she was pleased as well... ;)


Yeah, I think she likes the limelight :) whereas Maya just wanted to go and hide!


I should have tried to get Maya on Thrusday... Oh well, next time I guess! She did seem a little jealous of me taking photos of everyone else though!


Haha, I think so. She is a little more subtle with her attention-seeking though: Kali will literally come and jump in your lamp, while Maya will just sneak up on you and nudge your elbow (which is why I no longer hold liquids in the vicinity of any electronic items).


What a beautiful dog! She doesn't look like a pup anymore--just a gorgeous pointer!


Thanks! I still want to call them puppies though - they grow up so fast *tear*...


Hahaha Laura! Wait until you have kids! I totally understand now why my parents say "You will always be MY baby..."

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