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May 31, 2010


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Could you pickle radishes? I have a feeling they'd be delicious soaked in vinegar...
Otherwise in a stirfry I bet they'd be similar to water chestnuts, in texture at least.
Oh yum you're making me hungry... again!


Well for a start you can eat the leaves, wilted down like spinach. I keep meaning to try radishes the 'french way' with butter and salt, but I must admit I have never cooked with them.

Let us know how it goes.

Sue xx


Hey Pauline, you're probably right about being like water chestnuts! Mm I haven't had some of those in ages... I think I'll try pickling them, yeah, or making kimchi!

Hi Sue, I didn't realize that was the 'french way' :) I just had a radish, butter and salt sandwich - quite yummy! I'll definitely have to try that with the greens, too, thanks!


Raddish pickle: scrub clean and slice before layering them with salt or putting them in brine for 24 hours. Rinse, pack into jars and cover with vinegar. They are also good briefly stir-fried in an Asian sweet'n'sour concoction. I have just sown some multi-clour selection of raddishes and some Mooli, the much larger white version.


Wonderful, thanks for the recipe Heiko - I will definitely be giving that a try! And funnily enough, I just did a sweet & sour stir fry for dinner last night! Maybe I will do the same again tonight and throw some radishes in :)


Some interesting ideas for me to try!


Jolis radis!
as tu essayé la soupe de fanes de radis? avec un peu de crème et de chèvre frais c'est délicieux, tu peux rajouter d'autres herbes pour adoucir le goût, comme des épinards.



Merci! Non, je ne l'ai pas encore essayé, mais j'ai l'intention de le faire! ça serait bien de pouvoir utiliser toute la plante!

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