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May 27, 2010


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Sounds like an excellent way to use home grown vegetables! I love lentils and could easily adapt it to be vegetarian. Smashing!


Hi Judith, me too! Lentils are amazing - I am still discovering new varieties (these 'Beluga' ones were a first - the 'caviar' of vegetarians supposedly, & were indeed really nice)! I'd really love to try to grow my own one day.


I have a large bag of lentils (?) so I'll try this recipe... and I hope it's more exciting than the last one we tried. I shan't blame you if it's not :-)


I should add though, that the lentils I've got aren't Beluga ones!


You'll have to let me know how it goes! I think the fresh herbs and good homemade chicken stock are really crucial to the success of the recipe I should say. But fortunately type of lentil isn't! This was our first time trying Beluga lentils - usually it is just the plain old green lentils (lentilles vertes du Puy).

Laura F

I love that! and with a piece of chorizo also, it is fantastic! it gives a wonderful spicy taste ;)


Oo yum! I will definitely have to try it with chorizo!

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